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How to Increase Your AUM with Your Current Participants

April 24, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

How would you like to increase your AUM without finding new clients or adding new plans? You can dramatically increase your AUM just by helping your current participants find their accounts from previous employers and roll them into the plan. This strategy is great because it piggy-backs on the participant education you are already providing,...

Retirement Advice for Our Men and Women in Uniform

April 17, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

This year may be a momentous year, financially, for many Americans with possible changes to the tax code, health care, and the financial services industry some of 2017’s many wild cards. For members of our Armed Forces, 2017 brings an additional financial question and one that financial advisors may be able to help with.

Retirement Superheros,Your Services are Needed!

April 10, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Last month, the Employee Benefit Research Institute released the 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey. In its 27th year, the survey reveals interesting information about how American workers think about and plan for retirement. While much of the report is unsurprising and somewhat depressing, some key questions about financial advice reveal that...

Slow Death of DOL Rule? TRAK Still Helps Advisors Build Trust

April 05, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Yesterday, the Department of Labor announced a 60 day delay for the implementation of the fiduciary rule. This decision moves the implementation date from April 10 to June 9. While this is only a delay and not a repeal of the rule, the delay was the give the DOL time to comply with President Trump’s executive order to re-examine the rule and...

Using Content Marketing as a Financial Advisor

April 03, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Many advisors do not realize that their expertise can be an effective marketing tool for further engaging with clients and generating leads for new business. Content marketing strategies can be an effective way to grow your business through education.

Pension Reform: Employees Are Seeing Changes

March 27, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

The effects of the 2008 financial crisis on the average American’s savings—and the emotional impact of those effects—have contributed to the push for financial reform. The effects of the crisis on retirement savings for those in defined contribution plans have been well documented, but the effects on defined benefits plans have been less...

U.S. Census Research Reveals Horrible 401(k) Statistics

March 16, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

There have been a number of surveys and reports lamenting the atrocious state of retirement readiness of the average American worker. Unfortunately, the situation is much worse than we all thought. As reported by Bloomberg, recent research by the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that only one-third of workers contribute to a 401(k) or other employer...

What Young Americans Wish They’d Learned in School

March 13, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

American financial literacy is worse than I anticipated. A recent survey conducted by FINRA asked survey participants five questions related to everyday financial and economic topics. The survey found that 63% of respondents answered three or fewer questions correctly.

Five Ways to Boost Participant Engagement

March 06, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Much of the conversation about 401(k) participation and whether participants are adequately saving for retirement centers on the plan sponsor. Plan design and administration plays a big part in plan success. However, there is still much that an individual plan advisor can do to help improve participant 401(k) plan experiences and, ultimately,...

Tips for Working with Public-Sector Employees

February 27, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Are you looking for new clients? How would you like to tap into an underserved group of over 23 million people? Your next client may be someone you already know: your mail carrier, your local fire fighter, or your child’s teacher. Public-sector employees are one of the largest groups of American workers underserved by financial advisors. A...

Common Misconceptions About Social Security

February 20, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Clients come to the retirement planning process with many misconceptions about Social Security. With inaccurate information circulating on social media and by word of mouth, financial advisors shoulder a lot of responsibility to educate clients in this area, helping them achieve a better understanding of Social Security benefits and how they...

Five Ways to Improve Communication with Clients

February 13, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Playwright George Bernard Shaw said that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” As a playwright, Shaw knew the importance of really communicating with the audience, making sure that the concepts, emotions and thoughts you want to impart are what the audience actually receives.

Eight Ways to Listen Better to Clients

February 06, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

A recent Nationwide commercial struck a chord with many viewers who would rather clean the gutters, wash the cat or learn Snapchat than talk about their retirement plan. The ad is very funny and while we may laugh at the lengths the couple in the ad goes to avoid talking about their retirement plan, this is also a commentary on the retirement...

No, retirement planning is not like a slow cooker

January 30, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Retirement planning is not like a slow cooker. Just drop in the contributions, set it and forget it, and at retirement it will be ready? No, it doesn’t work that way. Retirement planning is more like preparing a gourmet French meal. It requires combining the right ingredients in the right way at the right time. Different life stages present...

Can your clients afford their kids’ college education?

January 23, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Retirement isn’t the only thing for which many families are saving; many are also trying to save for their children’s future college expenses. Faced with the need to save for retirement and the desire to save money to help defray soaring college expenses, many families are feeling overwhelmed. If you are an advisor working with mass affluent...

How will Trump's Tax Plan Affect your Clients?

January 18, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

As we sit on the eve of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, there are many questions about the direction President Trump will take on different issues and policies. Many of these questions are coming from the financial services industry and while much of the talk has centered on the fate of the DOL fiduciary rule, other proposed changes...

Are your clients emotionally prepared for retirement?

January 16, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Much has been written on preparing financially for retirement, and rightly so, a successful retirement is a financially secure retirement. While many people consider the financial aspect of retirement, not as many consider the emotional aspects of retirement. It can be beneficial to future retirees to think about several key factors so that...

Blame it on the Elections

January 11, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

Feel like your 2016 Q4 tanked? Feel like retirement planning is just not working like it used to with your clients (or plan participants)? You are not alone! Looking back at the last quarter of 2016, you may be wondering why you saw a decrease in client meetings, sales and other business activities. Take a page from the NFL playbook blame the... wasn't all bad!

January 10, 2017 by Edward Dressel -

The passing of the old year into the new gives us all a chance to reflect on the past year and to anticipate what lies ahead. Companies are not much different in this regard. Trust Builders is committed to constant improvement of our retirement planning software and as we review 2016 we are proud of the many changes and improvements over the...

Understanding TSP Withdrawal Options

December 29, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

Federal employees nearing retirement must make several important decisions. Besides selecting a benefit option, one of their biggest decisions is what to do with the money in their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account. Complicating this decision is a slew of options. Advisors to federal employees must not only understand these options, but also...

NTSA Elite Advisors Announced…74% Use TRAK

December 14, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

Congratulations to the NTSA 2017 Elite Advisor Award Semi-finalists!

How to Get Participants to Increase Contributions

December 01, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

“How can I motivate my plan participants to save more for retirement?” This is a common question for both plan sponsors and financial advisors who advise retirement plan participants. Participants know they need to save more to be on track for retirement, but getting them to commit to increasing their contributions is challenging.

Move up the alphabet from FFF to EE

October 31, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

In the spirit of the back-to-school season, let’s talk about the alphabet. Every advisor knows the three F’s: funds, fiduciary, and fees. In client meetings, financial industry websites, and online discussion forums, the three F’s tend to be the primary focus of our industry.

Talking with Clients about Long-Term Care

September 30, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

Research shows that the cost of long-term care continues to rise with significant consequences for expenses in retirement. Yet how many consumers would consider these costs without the prompting of a financial advisor?

Strategic Social Security Education Opportunities Abound

September 01, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

Nationwide Financial recently asked retired and non-retired consumers about Social Security.  The study revealed that most of the non-retirees did not know or understand their future benefits or how they would fit into their broader retirement plans.  Few had received advice on Social Security from a financial advisor—but nearly all of those...

Millennials Want Retirement Readiness Engagement

July 29, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

Do you think that millennials are not interested in your retirement planning services? Think again! A recent study has found that millennials have a keen desire to meet face-to-face with a financial advisor and that they want to understand the retirement planning process. More surprisingly, for a generation that has grown up in the digital...

Delayed Retirement Increases Life Expectancy—and Retirement Gaps

June 30, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

Clients who choose to delay their retirement may find that their decision affects more than just their retirement budget.  New research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that delaying retirement can actually increase life expectancy.

TRAK and the Fiduciary Rule

June 06, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

The Department of Labor dropped a regulatory bomb on the financial services industry on April 6th. Regardless of how the dust settles regarding the true impact of the regulations, TRAK is uniquely situated to help financial advisors comply with the new fiduciary requirements.

Grow Your Business with Retirement Readiness

April 26, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

“Participant education doesn’t help advisors grow their businesses.” It was an unsolicited objection from the audience of financial advisors. Not being an advisor, I winced and tried to figure out how I, an armchair quarterback, was going to respond.

3 Ways to Engage Participants in 401(k) Education

February 19, 2016 by Edward Dressel -

If Ben Franklin had to hold 401(k) education meetings, surely he would have had participants leaning forward in their chairs.

So why do many 401(k) advisors struggle with participant education? It’s because most advisors fail to make these sessions interesting. And the fastest way for advisors to make 401(k) education interesting, is to focus...


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